Scientific Expedition at Northern Velebit NP

smrceveInternational Scientific Expedition at the Northern Velebit NP

Project CroFEM - "Establishment of a long-term scientific monitoring of natural forest ecosystems in Croatia" - HRZZ, began on September 1, 2015, and the first international scientific-research expedition is currently underway in the Northern Velebit National Park in the Old-growth forest area "Smrčeve doline" which is one of the last and unique Norway spruce refuge in Mediterranean Europe. It is a unique example that Norway spruce survive in climates that are influential "warm" Mediterranean climate so we can rightfully hope that this research will provide some of the answers on spruce adaptability to Climate Change and Natural Disturbances as one of the current problems. Research conducted Faculty of Forestry (Stjepan Mikac), University of Zagreb and the researchers from the Czech University of Life Science (Miroslav Svoboda) and many other students (Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia), with the help of the Public Institutions Northern Velebit National Park.

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